Increase Your Income

Looking for a simple way to make your massage practice more profitable? Reselling is an easy way to increase profits to your massage practice. Set up a display in the waiting room or your office! An attractive display of quality products will sell themselves- no salesmanship required!

These items are waiting to be sold by you!

Below are some ideas to help get you started:

  • Sell your signature scent. Do you use a special blend of lotion or oils that your clients love? Send them home with a bottle to pamper themselves between massage treatments. Your clients can appreciate your product between visits.
  • Sell analgesic gels and lotions. Have clients with frequent muscle strains or joint pain? This is the perfect way to ease their pain between therapy sessions. Let them think of your healing hands anytime, day or night—whenever pain strikes them.
  • Sell what you already use. Do your clients love the softness of their skin after your massage? Sell them a bottle of lotion you use. Do your clients love the pain relief from analgesics? Offer them a small bottle. Your clients will love the extra bonus from your services, and all you need to buy is small bottles with your next order!
  • Want to put your own name, phone number, and business info on the products? No problem! Just let us know when you place the order that you prefer your bottles without labels. No charge. We can also put your name and logo on the label for a small additional charge.
  • Get even more creative and make your own products. Do you like cooking or crafting your own blends? Want to make an even bigger profit? Try selling a lotion or body wash you’ve scented, make a scrub or bath salt from bulk priced dead sea salts. Your clients will love these little packages, and they make perfect gifts for friends and family. (We also sell retail-sized, unmarked bottles and jars for your convenience if you chose to bottle your own product. Call us for bulk pricing on dead sea salts.)