Request Samples

We still offer free samples but due to unexpected demand we have to charge shipping.

We do not offer samples of Argan Oil, Products with CBD, or Essential Oils.

Our samples will be sent to you in 1 ounce containers and we will only send 1 sample of each product. A hard copy of our catalogue is included. They will ship next business day via UPS or US Mail

If you are placing an order and would like to try a sample of another product, simply enter the samples you would like in the order notes box on the cart page. For example, if you have a gallon of Simple Lotion in your cart, scroll down to the order notes box and enter the sample you wish to receive. That way our shipping specialist will know to add a 1 ounce sample to your order, free of charge. DO NOT ADD SAMPLES TO SHOPPING CART UNLESS YOU ARE JUST ORDERING SAMPLES.

You will need a credit card.

Proceed to “Go to Samples” if you intend to only order samples. Otherwise, select products you wish to purchase in the shop and add samples in the order notes box.